Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Why do we celebrate and make a big deal out of just another day?

We need to LAUGH…have FUN…enjoy others! It is part of our nature!

Laughing heals the body…it actually ‘massages’ the internal organs, releases neuro-hormones that relax the body and it even creates a light-heartedness that soothes the spirit.

On the contrary, watching, participating, and hearing about mean horrific events has been proven to create a different neuro chemistry, one of aggression, anger and even violence.

We make a conscious decision what we choose to watch or participate in ‘putting into our brains’, (or in our children’s brains). Knowing that watching and being involved in aggressive acts can lead to an acceptance of anger and violence, is that how YOU choose to live your life?

I hope you pick a FUN, entertaining way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day and everyday thereafter!


I know your brain is generating a thought...place it here :)

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