Making Connections One Neuron at a Time

Making Connections One Neuron at a Time

Any time we learn something new …we have made a cognitive connection and the more emotional we can make that knowledge the more significant the connection will become. L. DeLong


Problems with Sleeping?

Problems with Sleeping?

Did you know if you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes it is considered a sleep problem? This is because your cortical activity goes straight into the slowest of Delta waves and therefore you are not going through the ‘relaxation’ process of gradually decreasing from an alert Beta state down through to the Delta. A healthy sleeper falls asleep in 5 to 20 minutes of laying down, stays asleep through-out the night (without tossing, turning or grinding teeth) and wakes feeling refreshed!!! How do you sleep?

.Auditory Processing isn’t a hearing loss…

.Auditory Processing isn't a hearing loss...

If you have perfect hearing and still have problems understanding fast enough what you just heard…you may have a problem with Auditory Processing. It is a condition that means the brain is unable to interpret the auditory information it is hearing. There several different components to Auditory Processing. It may be Auditory Discrimination- the inability to hear the smallest component of a word (phonemes) or it could be Auditory Sequential Memory- the inability to remember the order of random digits, or Auditory Reception- the inability to maintain enough brain-listening power to understand what is being said for any length of time, or perhaps it is Auditory Association- the inability to retrieve auditory information due to ‘filing it in wrong folders’ in the brain. For more information on Auditory Processing

Trick Your Brain

Trick Your Brain

This is a fun auditory brain exercise, use your headset and close your eyes…this is an example of binaural listening, the brain will make sense of the audio as if it is truly happening in the moment.  Did you experience this as real?   


Stress and the Brain

Stress and the Brain

Did you know that when an individual is under chronic stress their brain is so engaged in producing the Neurochemicals needed to sustain the Fight or Flight response that it is unable to access the Prefrontal Cortex (the thinking part of the brain). To sustain this ‘Neurochemical dump’ the brain generates electromagnetic surges in specific areas, therefore until this surging is decreased the Neurochemicals will continue to be produced. To address this we can use medication to pump more and different Neurochemicals into the brain OR Neurofeedback that actually retrains the brain to reduce this electromagnetic surging so naturally the brain senses the additional Neurochemicals are not needed any longer.