You Have Another ‘Think’ Coming…

You Have Another 'Think' Coming...

Do you find yourself thinking good thoughts???? Like how awesome you are?
Do you compliment yourself on how you look or on how you performed at work or school? Probably not 😦 most people don’t…

We may occasionally say something nice to ourselves…however, most of the time, we beat ourselves up! The thoughts that come to mind are not worth believing!

Today, I am giving you homework!! Go to the mirror and look yourself in the eye and tell yourself 1 thing you like about yourself! And repeat that nice comment through-out the day!

Here’s the next part…every time you say something BAD about yourself, I want you to replace it with the 1 nice thing you said to yourself that day in the mirror…and in your head I want you to burn that bad thought…bury it and tell yourself this bad thought does not serve me or my purpose in life and more!!

Everyday I want you to have a new best thought to say in the mirror…”I love the color of my eyes”, ” I made the best comment on behalf of my students”, “I am a thoughtful person”, or “I love the way I can sell houses, with integrity and honesty” etc…whatever you do for a living, whoever you are in your heart…share your love and passion of who you are with yourself! Remind yourself of all the good in YOU!

Then, I want you to keep a record of all the nice things you say to yourself and start a “Little Book of Good Thoughts” On a hard day…you can read your good thoughts and love the little person inside you all over again!

This will allow YOU to be more confident, and energized!! Creating a HAPPIER person! Then the ‘thinks’ you think will be worthy of thought and believable! 😉


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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