In Honor of ALL of Our Servicemen

Giving you a gift for all the times you gave til it hurt.

Giving you a gift for all the times you gave til it hurt.

Most of us wake everyday and never question where we are and whether we will live through the day. Nor do we wake in a sweat as we remember the events that created the ongoing nightmares that plague us every night. We can not imagine the feeling of despair from a limb that was blown off or being shot and paralyzed. Nor can we truly grasp the nonstop feeling of wondering if we would have made this move…would it have saved the life of another man, or giving all you could give until it hurts.

Because you chose to help us maintain this feeling of security, we are fortunate to have a house, food, even a little extra money to entertain ourselves with on a Friday night. We have a family and many of you due to PTSD or brain injuries have lost your family life. Some people truly do not understand how difficult it is to live on in a family setting after experiencing the events that war presents. What it is like when you feel your mind has died even tho your brain is functioning.

This weekend was a time to remember our servicemen…their dedication and their nonstop passion for keeping us safe. We would like to give back to our Countrymen by giving them some much needed calmness, a little peace of mind. For the past 12 years Cognitive Connections has offered a gift of EEG NeuroCognitive services to servicemen suffering with PTSD or brain damage. Please if you feel you need a little help please call 317-888-7420 or 925-478-0615 and let us GIVE a gift to you…Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Dr. Lise’