It takes a Whole Village…Will You Help?

It takes a Whole Village...Will You Help?

Dear friends,

Please help us to prevent economic catastrophe for the families of autistic persons caused by failure to mandate autism care under PPACA.
Please sign the petition for a federal Autism treatment mandate. We were limited to only 800 characters, so please read the background information below.
We need A LOT of signatures for our case to be heard, so PLEASE forward to family, friends, local support groups, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“The goal of this petition is to ensure that families with autistic dependents have access to adequate healthcare for treating autism. Health coverage for autism was not included in the Federal Health Care Plan (PPACA), and it was deferred to the states. However, the states have no authority over most self-insured employers and many families are losing their coverage and will not be able to provide care. In addition, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) with unlimited levels are very helpful to families with special needs, but these are now limited to $2,500. Many special needs families also fall victim to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Under AMT, medical bills are generally impossible to effectively deduct. Lack of adequate coverage and these tax repercussions will cause severe economic hardship on families with autism.”

Thank you for your help!


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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