Watching the Brain in 3D as it is Happening….

Can you imagine watching the neurons in a brain as it works? Well, MIT just released today a short video that shows this sophisticated 3D process in action, in a worm using high speed 3D imagining. The implications of this ability is not JUST to confirm or correct our thoughts of where in the brain specific actions occur but also if there is a ‘disconnect’ and where that might be within the neural network.

Truly amazing! GO SCIENTISTS!!!


Brain Fog Got You Down?

Brain Fog Got You Down?

The Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) is usually the culprit when you feel that brain fog. That feeling of just being ‘bogged-down’ and no clarity. It can be devastating! It slows you down at work and in school, not being able to access the information you know that you know! It might be your medication, lack of good quality sleep or even general overwhelm from stress and anxiety. But the good news is there are ways of lifting that fog, understanding how the brain learns and then ‘retraining’ the brain to be more efficient and effective.

There are many different skills within the PFC and general exercises are awesome, however, the more specific we can get to the actual issue the more applicable or effective the exercises are.

Complete our PFC questionnaire then we will know better whether the issues are in: * decision speed
* focused/flexible attention
* pragmatics of language
* problem solving/critical thinking
* reasoning /deduction
* syntax of the language
* timing/rhythm.

Once we know this information, (plus specific ages), we can pinpoint specialized activities you may want to consider doing. These activities are meant to be ‘fractionated’ or completed in a consistent pattern to make the biggest impact on the learning process of the brain.

Here are a few general iPad activities:

* Decision Speed: Impulse Control, Reactionerd, Speed
* Flexible/Focused attn: Count25, Focus, Fit Brains
* Pragmatics: Between the Lines
* Problem Solving: Mastermind, Figure Analogies, B-Line
* Reasoning /Deduction: Have a Guess, 11+ NonVerbal Reasoning, Brain Trainer
* Syntax of Language: Conundra, Right Word, Words (FitBrains)
* PFC Timing: Dynamo, BeatLeap,

These are just a few but I have hundreds of specialized activities in my eBook series. Starting with our PFC eBook.

We can also look at other cognitive areas as well as the PFC, just in case some of the concerns are more based in the Temporal lobes, Parietal lobes, Occipital, Basal Ganglia, Cingulate or Limbic areas. If you are interested in a comprehensive look at your unique needs use this link and take our 400q Questionnaire and this will tell us enough information that we can send you a more comprehensive plan of cognitive exercises your brain needs.

If you should want to discuss personal concerns directly please fill out the contact info on my website and I will get right back to you.

Loads of BRAIN energy to each of you!
Dr. Lise’