It is Said That 80% of What We Do in a Given Day is Auditory Based…

It is Said That 80% of What We Do in a Given Day is Auditory Based...

The Auditory brain comprises a variety of our basic skills from hearing information, and localizing sound, to listening so as to formulate new associations with existing information. The auditory brain also contributes in controlling our ability to divide and divert our attention so we can sustain attention to learn new information.

Many of our memory systems rely on our ability to listen, to decode, and then to recall auditory information. If any component to our auditory brain is slow to process (such as happens with auditory reception) then our auditory brain is unable to do its job efficiently, therefore, speed processing is essential to this part of the brain.

I know some people struggle to stay focused on a main speaker in a class room/work environment while other individuals may read each word in their head as they read to themselves. If they have difficulties with their auditory brain, they can even get lost in their own reading just as when they are listening to someone speak and not remember what they just read or heard!

If these are of concern to you then here are a few ideas to help with your auditory brain!
1. Play the hand held game of Simon
2. Listen to nonsense sentences and repeat them aloud exactly as you heard it.
3. Listen to recorded vocal music you do not know very well and stop the recording every so often and try to repeat the sentence, phrase or verse word for word. This will increase the amount of information you can retain at one time.
4. Listen to someone tell about themselves or about a book they just read and see how many details you can remember 2-3 minutes later.

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