7 Simple Reasons to Rent a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System for the Holidays



EEG Neurofeedback is a form of Biofeedback that helps to retrain the brain and is used for numerous reasons but this season I would like to share 7 really good reasons!  You may ask why it is important to ‘train’ your brain and what does that mean anyway?  So, let’s spend a minute and talk about ‘cortical activity’.

When an individual has an issue or a symptom their brain shows as an ’irregular, or turbulent’ brain.  The NeurOptimal system helps mirror this activity into visual and auditory feedback and helps the individual create a balance or homeostasis in cortical activity.  When the turbulence is reduced the brain chemistry actually changes allowing the individual to have a comfortable and ‘trained brain’!

  1. The Holidays are stressful! NeurOptimal® is great at re-normalizing the cortical activity in the brain so although there is still stress your body and brain no longer responds to that stress in the same way.
  2. Many people experience a sadness or even slight depression during the Holidays! Again with NeurOptimal® the reduction in turbulence allows the brain to create a balance which makes that nasty depression just subside!
  3. This Holidays represent the end of a year and people are tired! Many people have sleep concerns and therefore, can’t fall asleep easily, can’t stay asleep or wake feeling exhausted.  NeurOptimal® helps to re-regulate sleep cycles and allows you to sleep as you did when you were young!
  4. Anxiety can hit individuals anytime of year but most people during the Holidays will have an increase in anxiety. Some people have true ‘anxiety attacks’ while others have symptoms such as; tics, repetitive movement (hair twisting), perseveration (not being able to get an idea out of your head), or even obsessive compulsive tendencies.  As NeurOptimal® ‘normalizes’ the CNS the uneasy feelings of of anxiety start to diminish.
  5. 5. Chronic Pain happens in many forms however, during time of stress, cold weather or inflammation due to sugar or diet, we find the pain gets stronger and people are less likely to live comfortably.  The NeurOptimal® system allows the individual to calm their brain and thereby, reduces the signal from the nerves or muscles that they hurt.
  6. Our brains are meant to be able to go from one subject to the next fluently and move on from one method of operation to another, this creates  ‘Flexibility & Resilience’.  It is important that we do not have to go through the ‘drive-through’ every time we get a Starbucks, but that we can look and make a decision that that line is too long and we could get our drink faster if we walked in today.  NeurOptimal® trains the brain to move in and out of different cortical activity easily allowing us to mentally change the station when needed.
  7. So you say “no way, the Holidays do nothing like this to me!”  So let’s look at Peak Performance and keeping up with your personal best!  How sharp are you these days? This system encourages a balance and it may play out in your golf game, your production at work, your ability to focus and attend better or your quick-wittiness!

7 Simple reasons to use the NeurOptimal® system during the holiday’s; stress, depression, sleep concerns, anxiety, flexibility & resilience or Peak Performance, are all significant changes that could occur in just a few months!

Because it is the Holidays we want to add 1 more incredible incentive to rent a Home personal NeurOptimal system at www.cognitive-connections.com .  For this month we’re renting them for 25% off!!! Call with your code xmas25 and we will set you up with a NeurOptimal system!

Should you decide you would rather purchase a system instead, NO ONE can sell it cheaper than we can!  Plus ask about our class and product discounts for each purchased system!

Happy Holidays to you all!!

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Auditory Processing- Remediation of Auditory Sequential Memory

Auditory Processing- Remediation of Auditory Sequential Memory

At Cognitive Connections, we find many people have concerns with listening skills. Did you know most men start to lose their ability to discriminate the tiniest sounds (phonemes) in a word around 25 years old. Whereas, women start to lose this ability during peri-menopause, when they no longer need to distinguish between their babies cries.

We have found that using EEG Neurofeedback (and for us, specifically NeurOptimal ) will allow the body to be as relaxed as possible while allowing the brain to be as focused as it can be. This sets a platform for learning new information. When the brain is unable to learn this information on its own, a remediation process can help with learning. We use games, table-top activities, songs and rhythm to create a new learning environment so the brain can make this new connection.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a condition in the brain that happens when the brain is unable to decipher the auditory information the ears actually hear. This interpretation of auditory information can have a ‘break-down’ from what the ears hear and what the brain perceives. This means the ‘mechanisms for hearing’ may work fine, but the brain misinterprets the signals. The remediation process can consist of FUN games that will assist in helping that brain process this information in a different way for comprehension and performance. We focus on four basic areas of Central Auditory Processing; Auditory Discrimination, Auditory Association, Auditory Reception and as you will learn more about today, Auditory Sequential Memory. I will suggest a few ‘remediation’ games should you decide this is a problem in your life.

Auditory Sequential Memory: the number of random digits an individual can recall from working memory. The longer the series of numbers the stronger the ‘rote memory’ that brain can hear and retain. Therefore, this is the area that makes someone appear smart, or sadly, appear as if they know very little about a topic. It either allows you to memorize a great deal of information (to pass tests) or it inhibits someone from storing this information in short term memory for recall. This is important because we need to ‘hold’ information in our working memory so we can postulate, deduce, and reason with the information before making a decision about it. All of our ‘story problems’ require a healthy working memory to be able to solve math problems.

A typical adult has a 7-10 digit Auditory Sequential Memory, most children have attained this by age of 10-12 years old. If you think you or your child’s Sequential Memory needs assistance you might want to try some of the following games. They can all be found online and purchased relatively inexpensively, some may even be found used on E-bay. Of course, most of us were raised with family games that increased this ability, such as; “I am going on a picnic and I am going to take…” (then you must remember each person’s item and add to the list), or perhaps the handheld game of ‘Simon’.

Games for increasing Auditory Sequential Memory

Brain Fitness Pro /Jr. by Mind Sparke
Sequencing in a Flash
Brain Builder

There are many other Web-based, Board, Card, Hand-held, iPad and Android games that will ‘exercise’ the brain in a way that will increase the number of digits a brain can retain. For an individualized Cognitive Plan for yourself for Peak Performance or for your child, please contact http://www.Cognitive-Connections.com or 317-888-7420.

Bulletproof Executive Neurofeedback Technology – Best Biohack Yet, with Dr. Valdeane Brown – Podcast

Bulletproof Executive Neurofeedback Technology – Best Biohack Yet, with Dr. Valdeane Brown – Podcast

NeurOptimal is the Neurofeedback system we use at Cognitive Connections – we have been using Dr. Valdeane Brown’s system since its conception and have helped to transform many peoples life. This Neurofeedback system is VERY robust and although quite sophisticated it was created so YOU can use it safely and simply in the privacy of your own home. Whether it is for Peak Performance as with the Bulletproof podcast, or with a family member that has a brain concern; from a fall, stroke or birth condition, this program will make a significant difference in your life.

Here is a snippet from the Bulletproof podcast:

This episode of Bulletproof Executive is all about the most effective biohack yet – NeurOptimal® brain training. Dr. Valdeane Brown, Founder of NeurOptimal, joined Bulletproof on the show to share how his technology takes your performance to uncharted levels! The NeurOptimal brain trainer is the most powerful and affordable neurofeedback technology available. You will get to hear about the EEG technology and how it transforms your brain, upgrades athletic performance, and even helps with migraines, PTSD, and abusive relationships.

Does this sound too good to be true? Listen for yourself…

Dr. Valdeane W. Brown is an internationally recognized “trainer of neurofeedback trainers”, who has taught and consulted widely on personal and organizational transformation. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a background in math, Valdeane Brown physics, computer programming, philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts, Dr. Brown brings a presence and precision to his work. This is further informed by a profound sense of compassion, a facility with energy dynamics and a deep commitment to revealing the elegant simplicity inherent in learning and transformation.

Developer of the Five Phase Model and co-creator with his wife Sue of the Period 3 Approach to Clinical Neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has realized his vision of a truly comprehensive training system in NeurOptimal. His vision in bringing NeurOptimal to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.

Bulletproof Executive Radio at the iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Click here to download the mp3 of Podcast #54 with Dr. Valdeane Brown

What We Cover

2:25 Dr. Val Brown’s wide experience & the creation of NeurOptimal
5:30 The high cost and complexity of normal EEG technology
7:10 The problem with typical EEG technology
9:00 What is neurofeedback and why it is Dave’s most effective biohack
10:15 The central nervous system, neurofeedback, and connectivity
11:00 Dave’s problem with typical EEG technology
12:00 Dr. Val’s vision for neurofeedback and NeurOptimal
14:55 How the brain optimizes itself vs. controlling what your brain does
16:10 Hangovers and drunkenness vs. NeurOptimal feedback
17:15 Why negative feedback is more powerful than positive feedback
18:10 Real life examples of negative feedback
22:00 Dave’s initial response to NeurOptimal
22:45 The strange abilities of musicians and cameramen
24:40 “Therapy in the rearview mirror”
26:50 What aspects of life are NeurOptimal most impactful?
28:10 The answer to the teenage circadian rhythm
30:40 How NeurOptimal has helped people with abusive relationships
31:30 Val’s golf game and rapid improvement
32:50 Biohacking technology and sports
35:20 Special Ops psychophysiological abilities
37:40 The power of mastering awareness/focus at a young age
39:50 NeurOptimal and family
42:50 How the brain is blind to itself
44:10 Case study: NeurOptimal and migraines
46:00 The NeurOptimal approach to diagnosing health problems
47:50 How NeurOptimal takes your “game” to a whole new level
48:45 How many sessions does it take to improve performance?
51:55 What are the possible risks of NeurOptimal?
55:10 Case study: Problem with EEG
57:00 Top 3 recommendations to kick more ass in life

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a NeurOptimal system, give us a call and let us help you find a way to help yourself!

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