Happy Father’s Day

Hi Friends…

From time to time, I have ‘guest bloggers’ and today I asked this ‘Father’ to write what he thought about Father’s Day.  It is a perspective I wish so many more people would embrace.  I want to thank him for his contribution and his ability to step outside of the ‘traditional publicized’ holiday to add a sincere, heartfelt explanation for what Father’s Day meant to him.

Dad & Child

“Maybe this day should be called Fathers are Happy Day? To me, Father’s Day isn’t about the acknowledgement of being a ‘dad’ from your children, spouse or friends. It’s not about gifts, cards, telephone calls, or emails and texts. Honestly, I received none of those. But what I did get is the wonderful feeling of being able to reflect on how wonderful it is to BE a father. I experienced so much joy, sorrow, happiness, worry, and frustration, yet, at the end of the day, I would do it again. At 55, I would do it now! Start again! I believe Father’s Day is the opportunity to tell your children how wonderful of a life they gave you. You gave to your kids all that time, knowing it took away from your business or your personal success and rarely did your children even know it. The late nights putting together the toys, building the tree-house, going to the games, teaching, coaching, training, comforting, providing, and loving….even from a distance. You see, the day belongs to dads, not for them to be revered as much as all dads should be thanking ‘God’, the ‘universe’, the ‘powers that be’, to have been given the opportunity to experience the lives he has created. Fathers should be happy, regardless of the circumstances of what life brings, not just for all he has done for his children but for all he has done for himself!”

Thank you for this perspective!  Being a ‘Father’ to a child comes in all forms whether you are a birth Father or not.  Many of you no longer have your children in your life for whatever reason- divorced, or being estranged from them, but the ability to take a day to remember the special moments with gratitude are gravely important for keeping your world positive!

I hope you all had a “Father’s are Happy Day!!!”


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