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I am so very excited to introduce you, my friends to a new friend I have met.  Dr. Jean Paul Martinet, has a private practice in Oakland, CA.  He is a humanitarian specialist.  He has welcomed Cognitive Connections into his world and together we have collaborated on creating a process that engages the entire body, but doing this through primarily brain-based services.  Dr. Martinet will share in his words what he adds to our Cognitive Connections process.

“This is Dr. Jean Paul Martinet D.C, Several months ago we began an affiliation with Cognitive Connections and Dr. Lise DeLong based on our mutual understanding of the importance of optimum brain function and each of us having unique skills and training to offer the public. This is producing excellent results. I am writing this article to give you a better understanding of what I do that relates to your optimum brain functioning.

Dr. DeLong primarily uses Neurofeedback to balance brain function in a holistic manner, and also uses remediation brain games targeted to the clients specific brain weakness, which is determined after extensive standardized testing, (she has several other methods in her toolbox,as well).

I would like to explain some of what I do that is different as well as complimentary. The areas in which I help bring about improved brain function are primarily in the structural, chemical/nutritional and emotional realms. I will share briefly some of the structural and chemical techniques that I use, and then will elaborate on other techniques, things that affect your brain and strategies at a later date.

Nucca alignment

Nucca alignment


First of all, I check everyone’s neck and determine if there are any misalignments. One particular area that I pay a lot of attention to is the upper cervical spine. The atlas vertebra, the first neck vertebra which is located just below the skull, is misaligned in at least 90 percent of people. This area is located at the medulla oblongata, or brain stem, and this area helps control posture, heartbeat and respiration, among other things. Of special importance are the vertebral arteries that come up the sides of the vertebrae and take a 90 degree bend before going into the back of the skull.  A misalignment in this area affects blood flow to the brain, and blood flow is very important to brain functioning. The NUCCA technique is the most advanced, precise and gentle technique used to realign the atlas, head and neck. I have been doing this amazing technique for over 30  years. Everyone should have their atlas checked, because all of the nerves that come from all parts of the body and go into spinal cord , as well as all of the nerves exiting the brain and controlling bodily functions, pass through the atlas area.  So many things are affected by poor alignment like, hip and back alignment, blood pressure, and headaches etc, that I cannot even list them here.


I have been practicing functional endocrinology for years,  and part of that study involves the brain. In simple terms, your brain is like a plant. A plant needs certain things to thrive, like water, sunshine, and nutrients from the soil.  If it does not get them, it will not flourish, and may even die. The brain is the same. A simple blood test can reveal a lot about how your brain is functioning. Any kind of anemia will cause less oxygen to be delivered to the brain so is a blood sugar problem, (hypoglycemia, insulin resistance or diabetes). This is because the brain uses between 20 to 25 per cent of the body’s glucose, or blood sugar for energy to function.  The gut is called the enteric nervous system, or second brain.  Damage to it from antibiotics or gluten sensitivity etc. can cause ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and inflammation.  Gut inflammation is linked to brain fog and celluar inflammation. Gut and body inflammation destroys the brain. There are some blood test indicators such as c reactive protein, that can give indications of brain and body inflammation.There are also lab tests to determine if one has a leaky gut. A leaky gut can lead to allergies and a hyperactive immune system, which can attack parts of the brain (or other body parts).

The neurons, or brain cells also need certain nutritional elements to make neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit signals from one neuron to another. I use a survey forms that will indicate if you have a neurotransmitter deficiency, and there are certain nutritional formulas that can help correct this, without the use of drugs.

Another  thing that is essential to neurons is the right kind of stimulation.  Dr. DeLong’s,  process of Neurofeedback and brain games provide this in a most effective manner. A chiropractic adjustment, light, color, exercise and hormones also stimulate the neurons.

There are many conditions that affect your brain, and to get optimum brain functioning, you might want to consider getting involved in practitioner like myself, who knows about  natural remedies that include structural, nutritional,  detoxification and emotional elements in your patient care.”

Thank you Dr. Martinet for sharing what you do in your office and allowing us a glimpse at how you optimize the brain!

Friends, be good to yourself this year and look at what options you have in your area for proactive complimentary healthcare services and if you need help finding a reputable practitioner please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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