How Much Would You Pay for Quiet-time?

Most of us work very hard all year long just to get away from it all, we call it a vacation, but to what extent is our pushing ourselves so we can take a break affecting our daily life?  Our brains, never have an opportunity to turn-off, shut-down or calm itself.  We bombard ourselves with sounds, visions, textures, and sensory input day and night.  We go to bed with TV’s turned on, radios playing and even white noise making crackling static noise.  Rarely, do people turn off lights, keeping our brains actively alert through out the night.  We eat late, so our bodies are digesting when we should be sleeping…we are actively alert listening through out the night, so our brains are constantly busy.  We are training ourselves to a new mental state of chronic stress and anxiety versus a relaxed state for sleeping or focused state for learning.

It is incredible how much noise is around us at all times.  We entertain our brain with music, talk radio, TV shows, internal dialogue as we read and converse on the phone.  We say we need a vacation, a break for what?  To go to public beaches, amusement parks, museums, resorts with more people and more activities?  Most of us leave vacation more tired than when we left to start our vacation!   Do you know in Europe most jobs insist you take 5 weeks off during the year to mentally rejuvenate.

The overwhelm of life equates to mental fatigue, less productivity, body illnesses such as high blood pressure, migraines, pain management problems and interrupted sleep cycles.  We are more apt to get sick more often, more visits to the ER and/or the Doctor’s office and much more expense in OTC medications.  We get mentally exhausted trying to organize, anticipate, and discriminate the stimulation, the important information from the mundane background noise.

How much would you pay for quiet-time?

Have you ever tried to turn the TV off and just lay in the quiet and truly do nothing…no reading, no writing, no talking… just sit there.  What would happen if you scheduled into your world a 15 minute ‘noise break’.  A time where you truly didn’t listen to the TV, you were not on the computer, you were not reading, or writing, listening to music or talking to anyone.  Think you could do that?  What if you were to try that once a month, once every few weeks, or maybe weekly, how about a daily regime?

15 minutes a day of not adding to the noise and mental activity would give your brain the ability go on auto-pilot to regenerate, a mental break from auditory, visual, and cognitive stimulation.  You call it mediation, I call it a mental vacation, an internal stay-cation…a FREE “quiet-time”!    Find your quiet spot, claim it as your own and use it daily!

If you need a script…write me at or visit me at and I will do my best to make sure the world gives you that much needed quiet-time break!


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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