Neurofeedback and Small Children

Stuffed Dog & Electrodes

Ahhh…a good night’s sleep, do you remember the last time your child slept through the night?

Neurofeedback helps retrain cortical activity so that sleep is re-regulated. I know little people may look as if they just have excess energy, (some are even medicated for it!) but what if I told you that that extra energy may be due to trying to stay awake…The child may be trying to ‘not’ fall asleep during the day and wiggles and squirms to stay awake! This is probably because they are not rotating through their sleep cycles. If Neurofeedback could help them retrain this brainwave activity and they could wake up feeling more in control and less impulsive, wouldn’t that make life a little easier for you?

Many parents approach me with questions such as ‘how can I get my child to sit long enough for Neurofeedback’, ‘What if they pull off the leads’, or they will say things like; ‘my child is hypersensitive and won’t tolerate anything on their ears’. I have some parents of Autistic children that say their child ‘can’t pay attention to their parents voices how will they pay attention to this music’?

I have been using Neurofeedback in my office for 18+ years and had lots of different experiences with small children. I learned techniques of working with these wee-ones that now are second nature. I now teach other therapists, educators and parents how to help their children stay connected with the process in a way that allows an entire 33 min session to be completed without any struggle.

Neurofeedback has been one of the only process’ that will calm a baby in the womb. Our lives are so hectic and most Mama’s are so stressed to be a Professional, a Mother, a Wife and a Woman of her own accord. It is imperative that if you have stress through-out your pregnancy, that you drank throughout your pregnancy (or even at all), you have any traumatic event or your baby was born with any particular condition then you may want to look into this non-evasive method of anxiety/chronic stress reduction.

Do you have a child that won’t sleep? High-strung children have a tendency to not sleep, not focus, not listen, and not learn. Neurofeedback can retrain the brain to sleep and if all it takes is to help that child learn how to relax in a fun way, then you have helped your child for life!

BTW…Neurofeedback isn’t JUST for children you know! Mom’s and Dad’s have stress too! Let’s do a family package 🙂 Visit our site and leave us a message saying you want your FREE Children’s Relaxation CD and let’s get our kids sleeping well!!!!


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