Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live?

Our brains are hard-wired to learn from our past mistakes, however, it is a delicate balance between constantly thinking about what you should have done (ruminating) and revisiting the past long enough to evaluate your actions and move on. Moving on to only focus on the future and ONLY think about what is down the road is also detrimental. However, again it is a necessity for our existence to see ahead, ‘what if I do this, how will that action affect that’? Making goals and planning on how to achieve them are part of being successful, but when we are only looking ahead and never appreciating the now, then the balance has also been skewed.

In my world of brain function both mulling and dwelling in the past and/or being hyper-focused in the future are considered concerns with turbulence in the 23-38 Hz levels. This condition, creates catastrophizing and ruminating and most Physicians would consider a variety of medications to help you. The medications will change chemically the functioning of the brain, decreasing the cortical activity, but most of the time creating unwanted side effects.

It is not my thought that medication is bad or unwarranted. I understand the need for medication at different times in peoples lives. However, I also personally try to take the path that is less invasive and allows the body to function on its own, renormalizing brain function. I have found that using a method that helps ‘retrain’ the brain to a homeostasis, that delicate balance point, will allow the body’s internal natural state to heal itself.

As the healing process occurs, the turbulence in the 23-38 hz frequency eases and the variance in the brain becomes less allowing the individual to be able to ‘live in the present’. Now they can make decisions based on what they learned in the past and what will affect their future.

We are able to assist people as they gain this peace and calmness, achieving the ability to sleep…to internally heal…to relax…and yet stay focused. If this is what you are looking for in your life you might want to consider Neurofeedback. It is a method that is noninvasive and yet can help make significant positive changes in your life.

At Cognitive Connections we are able to help with home rental units, in office sessions with us or with a purchase of a new system.

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