Do You Agree the Prefrontal Cortex is ‘Shut-Down’?

Do You Agree the Prefrontal Cortex is 'Shut-Down'?

When the brain is not fully functioning due to stress, lack of sleep, head trauma or a birth defect, we find that the ‘thinking part of the brain’, the prefrontal cortex, (PFC) shuts down and is not able to reason, deduce, problem solve or make appropriate decisions in a timely manner. Instead the brain makes impulsive decisions, that have not been thought through or planned out with a rational ending as a goal. These individuals also become emotional rather than ‘intelligently passionate’ making decisions based on what they ‘feel’ rather than thinking through what is the most effective outcome. They lack social skills and do not empathize. They do not understand how their actions will effect someone else.

I came across this article written in the New York Times, that comedian, Andy Borowitz wrote a few days ago. I have to say it reminds me of the pre-teen brain that hasn’t mastered the use of the Prefrontal Cortex.

Republicans Shut Down Prefrontal Cortex
By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker
09 October 13

The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, “The Borowitz Report.”

n an escalation of the stalemate gripping Washington, House Republicans voted today to shut down the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls reasoning and impulses.

The resolution, which passed with heavy Tea Party support, calls for a partial shutdown of the brain, leaving the medulla and cerebellum, sometimes referred to as the “reptilian brain,” up and running.

The Tea Party caucus cheered the passage of the bill, which was sponsored by Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who called the measure “long overdue.”

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) offered no timetable for restarting the prefrontal cortex, telling reporters, “It will most certainly remain shut down during any negotiations with the President. That’s the only leverage we have.”

Representative Bachmann agreed: “The President can go ahead and put a gun to our heads. There’s nothing there.”

While the G.O.P.’s decision to shut down the prefrontal cortex rattled Wall Street, the neuroscientist Davis Logsdon said it should be seen as little more than a symbolic vote, noting, “It’s actually been shut down since the 2008 election.”

In case you know someone that needs a little PFC help…I do have some pretty significant exercises to retrain the brain.

Just Another Little Thought by Dr. Lise’


3 thoughts on “Do You Agree the Prefrontal Cortex is ‘Shut-Down’?

  1. jean says:

    what are the exercises? Is htere a link?


    • Dr.Lise' says:

      Hi Jean,

      There are many different skills within the PFC and general exercises are awesome, however the more specific we can get to the actual issue the more applicable or effective the exercises are.

      I can get you our PFC questionnaire and you can take it (for yourself or another person) then we will know better whether the issues are in; decision speed, focused/flexible attention, pragmatics of language, problem solving/critical thinking, reasoning /deduction, syntax of the language and timing/rhythm. Once we know this information, plus ages, we can determine very specific activities you may want to consider doing

      Here are a few general iPad activities:

      Decision Speed: Impulse Control, Reactionerd, Speed
      Flexible/Focused attn: Count25, Focus, Fit Brains
      Pragmatics: Between the Lines
      Problem Solving: Mastermind, Figure Analogies, B-Line
      Reasoning /Deduction: Have a Guess, 11+ NonVerbal Reasoning, Brain Trainer
      Syntax of Language: Conundra, Right Word, Words (FitBrains)
      PFC Timing: Dynamo, BeatLeap,

      These are just a few I selected but I have MANY more ideas in my PFC eBook, you might want to consider purchasing it. Here is a link to that;

      We can also look at other cognitive areas as well as the PFC, just in case some of the concerns are more based in the Temporal lobes, Parietal lobes, Occipital, Basal Ganglia, Cingulate or Limbic areas. If you are interested in a comprehensive look at your needs use this link and take our 400q Questionnaire and this will tell us enough information that we can send you a read out of all the exercises your brain needs.

      If you should want to discuss personal concerns directly please fill out a contact info on my website.

      Loads of BRAIN energy to you!
      Dr. Lise’

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  2. EXCELLENT blog, and wonderful response to your comments. Impressive.

    Want to let you know that I have linked this article as Related Content to “The Virtues of Lowering your Standards” on ADD-and-So-Much-MORE.

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