Creative Ways to Teach the Basic Subjects

Creative Ways to Teach the Basic Subjects

Zombie science and math!!  Well, I can say I am not a fan of the Zombies…BUT, what a creative way to get the attention of what could be the next generation of scientists’!  The brain is such a complex organ and taking the time to share how it manifests the symptoms in a manner that our youth will comprehend is what is missing in our education system.

Books are a WONDERFUL “tool” but we have got to the point in schools that they are basically our only method of teaching (in many cases).  Most people cannot sit for 7 hours straight and stay attentive, not too many of our adults can do that!  And yet we have our children sitting for hours on end trying to stay quiet and focused day after day.  

 In the STEM program, Mayim Bialik took the way the brain learns using; emotional draw, subject matter of peak interest, graphic content, colorful visuals, an absurd subject, horrific content and created an educational platform that allows students to formulate ideas, draw conclusions, and create hypothesis’.  

It is time for our schools to give ‘guidelines’ and allow teachers to be creative as they teach these traditional subjects.  If we look at why most private schools are so successful we see smaller class size therefore, more individualized attention.  We can also see fewer restrictions on our teachers as to ‘how to teach’ instead they have some creativity in their own area of expertise.   

As an founder and administrator of a private school I understand how difficult it is to constantly be creating a program that demands alternative ways of learning.  But I was also witness to daily programs such as STEM.  Incredible teachers facilitating learning using music, dance, drama/puppetry, language, literature and the visual arts.  The more restrictions a teacher has the less ability they will have to generate interest in that subject matter.  The most successful schools have teachers that have been able to introduce their personalities, their passions and their love for learning into their program.

As we approach a new school year, as parents, let’s be active in the PTO’s/PTA’s and help our teachers with programs that will inspire creativity and ‘thinking outside of our restrictive boxes’ that we have created in our educational system.  

Happy school start and BE CREATIVE FOLKS !!!! 

Just another thought by Dr. Lise’ 



I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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