The Prefrontal Cortex… What Havoc it Can Cause!

The PFC... What Havoc it Can Cause!

Do you know anyone that just seems to be in slow motion?

They may have a difficult time getting started with a task; some may find it hard to work through the task quickly! I have even found some people will procrastinate and come up with reasons for why they cannot get started or complete a project. Hmmm…sound familiar?

Our ‘thinking part’ of the brain, sometimes referred to as the CEO of the brain, lies just behind the forehead. This area helps us modify our behavior, deciding what is appropriate therefore, letting us use our best behavior. The PFC takes in ALL the information from the rest of the brain and then determines what our thoughts and actions should be to achieve our goals.

Focusing attention, organizing thoughts, problem solving, foreseeing and weighing possible consequences, making predictions, forming strategies and planning, impulse control and delaying gratification, modulating emotions…

Questions to Ask Yourself these about Decision Speed:

Do you have difficulties with…

• Slow reaction time
• Responding with speed
• Tiring Easily
• Speeding through carelessly or respond too slowly
• Perseverating (repeating actions or comments w/o awareness)
• Procrastinating
• Starting a task
• ‘Thinking on your feet’
• Response Inhibition (self-control)

+ 3 if this is ALWAYS a problem
+2 if this is SOMETIMES a problem
+1 if OCCASIONALLY a problem

Add together, If your total is 7 or more you may benefit from a specialized NeuroCognitive Skill enhancement protocol from Cognitive Connections!


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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