Imagination and Creativity in the Making…

Imagination and Creativity in the Making...

Years ago I started a school for educating children using the Arts and a brain based learning method. I called it Creative Learning Center Preschool and Meridian Academy of the Arts Elementary and Middle School.

This school used Music, Dance, Drama/Puppetry, Language, Literature and the Visual Arts as tools to teach all the academic subjects.

The children were awesome people…we insisted everyone was treated with respect and honored for their own individual personalities, the Arts were a perfect way to assist in this style of learning.

We found all their basic Cognitive skills excelled from Auditory skills to Executive function abilities (found in the Prefrontal Cortex). This school allowed and facilitated people to succeed, (even the staff found confidence in their abilities to teach while at MAA & CLC).

We started the little toddlers out with the basic ‘who, what, when, why & where questions as we believed these were the leading questions that allowed the brain to create to solidify the Neuro-pathways for conceptualization, creativity and experimenting.

15-18 years later…these children have grown into young adults that all mastered higher level thinking skills. We have individuals studying to be Ph.D’s, MD’s and a variety of people that are contributing to society in extremely important ways.

I am truly honored to have been the instigator of a system that allowed access to knowledge for these young people. Whether they had learning disabilities or were extremely ‘gifted’ but didn’t ‘fit’ into a public school system with traditional learning techniques; they all have now found a place of honor midst their peers.

Today research is confirming the positive effects of what MAA/CLC practiced so many years ago and I have to smile at all the children that proved many years ago, that taking apart clocks, and toasters was fun, but learning how to put them back together and make them into something even better than they originally were was truly AWESOME!

Here’s to all of you parents that believed in us…and to all the children that succeeded!!! Well done!!!

Another Dr. Lise’ Thought (alias…Mrs. D)


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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