Do You Use a Boo-Boo Strip on Your Brain?

Do You Use a Boo-Boo Strip on Your Brain?

“I am so embarrassed my hippocampus isn’t functioning up to par”…haha, we would never say this, however, how many of us feel as if when our brains are not working as fast and efficient as we think they should, we take it very personally! Many people are embarrassed or feel as if they will lose their minds and be seen by others as ‘feeble and weak’.

When you break an arm, do you think someone will think less of you? Do you worry you will never be the same person? It is a body part…we believe the arm will heal, we are very ‘matter of a fact’ about the process, we proudly show off the cast…even ask friends to sign it! We do our arm exercises so we have full use of the arm again and we move on.

However, as people find they are slowing down mentally, or their memory is not as sharp as it used to be, they sadly start to feel ‘deficient’ but do nothing about it! They think it is a part of life, saying “I am just getting old”, as if this is the way it SHOULD be…or they may even feel too embarrassed to do anything about it!

Do NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY! Be proactive…let’s discover what part of your brain is not working as fast and then let’s ‘remediate’ it, do the exercises that will allow you to ‘re-train’ that part of your brain and MOVE ON!

Your brain isn’t broken…
Your ‘personality, or mind’ is not impaired because one component isn’t working as well as the other components.
You are still YOU…
DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY…but don’t just put a boo-boo strip on it (an excuse)…let’s re-train it so that 3 pound powerhouse organ is AWESOME!


Just a Thought…from Dr. Lise’


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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