How is Stress Affecting You?

How is Stress Affecting You?

What, ANOTHER study on stress and its affects on our body? We see this information and we feel the effects of stress on our system and yet what do we do to deter the effects of stress?

-We know we are starting to have odd aches and pains
-We know we feel more mentally fuzzy, almost as if in a ‘brain fog’
-We know we seem more accident prone, restless maybe more irritable
-Others see the depression or apathy, and the lack of confidence
-We know we experience constant fatigue, repetitive muscular twitches or maybe even ‘tics’
-We know we seem to have constant negativity, indecisions, muddled thinking and truly even hasty almost impulsive decisions

But, did you know that long after a major ‘stressful event’ your body is more prone to respond to recurrent stress with symptoms that can last for longer periods of time.

So, you have a major stressing event, and years later you find little things seem to bother you more than what should be normal! You may actually be more prone to ‘future’ anxiety or even to depression or both, just due to a previous stressful time in your life.

This may seem odd, but research indicates that if we are not preemptive and care for our body by doing stress reduction programs during or after these major events then we may be setting ourselves up for more problems down the road!

What Are Stress Reduction Programs?

* Neurofeedback
* Biofeedback
* Yoga
* Massage
* Laughter Yoga
* Any kind of exercise
~Low impact exercising, etc…
* Doing anything you LOVE,
~ Playing Music
~Creating Art, etc…
* Sex – holding and loving on your partner will also create oxytocin which calms the body and makes one feel peaceful 🙂

Here is an article in Forbes on how stress affects the body and mind.

It is YOUR time to be proactive…step up to the plate and let’s get your body and mind in PRIME condition, you will feel so much better!!!

Just a Thought…by Dr. Lise’


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