What Happens in Your Bed After Dark?

What Happens in Your Bed After Dark?

Many times we wake feeling exhausted not ready to start our day…here are three components to consider when evaluating your sleep.

1.) Do you fall asleep within 20 minutes of laying down? (but not in less than 5 minutes, that’s a whole nother blog!)

2. Do you stay asleep throughout the night (no tossing/turning, grinding teeth, walking/talking or nightmares)

3. Do you wake feeling refreshed and ready to start your day?

If you have any of the above concerns…or if you do not get close to the amount of sleep this proposed chart indicates, then you may need a little help.

Luckily, I have some ideas for you 🙂 but let me ask you a few questions first.

Are you sabotaging your ability for a good nights sleep?

* Do you sleep with a TV going? (hmmm…naughty of you!) Your brain is like a child in many ways, it will always try to get by with whatever it can! You must be the adult and teach it (or reteach it) to fall asleep in silence… or white noise, otherwise subconsciously your brain remains alert and trying to focus.

* Do you eat before bedtime? (another no no 🙂 Our bodies truly are incredible but it is hard on them to digest and sleep at the same time, you must think through what you want to spend your body’s resources on at any given moment.

* Ok what about that ‘night cap’? Is it one at dinner? Or several before bedtime? Your brain needs water to control the delicate balance of hormones that allow you to sleep (such as producing melatonin) however, alcohol will not only dehydrate you but it also changes your blood sugar levels. So although it may be helping you fall asleep, it rather abruptly wakes you up a few hours later!

So, I promised you ideas and you can have them for FREE…you are in charge of your own body…and you CAN control so much of what is happening in there. I will send the first 100 people a ‘Sleep Cheat Sheet’ that includes all those ideas I mentioned earlier!! Hurry, I can tell you want your best sleep ever…let’s work together to make that happen! Just email me and it is all yours for FREE!

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