Are you a Hero or a Role Model?

Are you a Hero or a Role Model?

I heard Taylor Swift say tonight on 60 Minutes that she understands “that every songwriter is raising the next generation” and she believes it is her ‘responsibility’ to be conscious of this fact.

I have to say if we are a parent, sister, brother, friend, or even a sibling we are each in a position of being a hero/heroine and a role model to someone!

Taylor thinks about her music as she writes it…is this something I want people to hear me perform? As a 21 year old she has “intent with her words”, whether you like her music or not, she is conscious that she creates a thought or an image by the use of her dialogue.

If each of us lived our lives thinking, someone will learn, someone will hear and retain my word today…would that change the dialogue you use with your friends, your family, your spouse?

If you thought about the internal dialogue, the words you continue to use to yourself…would you still use the same words?

Today I invite you to remember who you are…and that you too are helping to “raise the next generation”.

Just another thought from…Dr. Lise’


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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