Learning Doesn’t have to be Hard and Boring

Learning Doesn't have to be Hard and Boring

I am asked all the time “What can I do to make my brain to think faster”? I have to say, play games!!! Not just any ole’ game tho…specific games to your brain’s issues. Remember the game Stratego? Or what about Quarto? Maybe 9 Man Morris? These are very old but very good games for strategy. Every game has an educational or learning value.

If you think about life, it is true we PLAY when we learn…As a banker you play with numbers, as an author you play with words, as a detective you play with facts…and as a teacher you play with knowledge.

If we could wish anything on our children as adults we say, “I wish for them a happy, successful life” and that means, a FUN life one that makes them happy! And having a successful life would mean they love what they do.

So, remember since modeling is the most effective way to teach…model FUN…model HAPPY and above all model SUCCESS by loving what you do!

Then you too will be a researcher of life…through PLAY!

Just a thought by Dr. Lise’

Happy ENERGY to you all!!!!


I know your brain is generating a thought...place it here :)

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