One Starfish at a Time

One Starfish at a Time

Once there was an old man standing on a hillside watching a child down on the beach throwing some thing into the water. The old man became curious and walked down to the child. That’s when he saw the child was throwing a starfish into the ocean. When the old man said to the child “wow, look at this beach it is covered with starfish, why in the world would you stand here throwing them back into the water, this is overwhelming! What difference does it make?” and the child answered, “Excuse me sir, but to THIS starfish it makes all the difference in the world!!”

Remember friends, everyone you meet is a starfish, and YOU can make a difference to each person…make it count!!! 🙂

**This incredible pencil drawing was drawn by my brother-in-law, Brian Morris. To see more of his work go to


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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