10 Inexpensive Games That Will Help Your Brain!

10 Inexpensive Games That Will Help Your Brain!

We all want to stay competitive at work, we want that ‘edge’ above the others that will keep us sharp and cognitively fit!! Or we want our children to be able to stay focused and attentive in class.

There are even several relatively expensive online game sites that give you a short ‘test’ and then you are the proud recipient of a few generic games to play over and over to strengthen your brain.

I specialize in using games to remediate and strengthen the learning process in the brain! I want you to know…you can find FREE iPAD & Android apps and inexpensive board, card and hand-held games that will do the same brain conditioning or even better when played for the ‘right’ reason!

Here are 10 OLD but effective & FUN games, that WORK…

1. Simon- Auditory and Visual Sequential Memory
( iPAD, Android, PC, Hand-held)

2. MasterMind- Executive Function- Reasoning, Deduction, Critical Thinking, PFC (prefrontal cortex)
(iPAD, Android, Hand-held, Jr and Adult)

3. Guess Who- Executive Function, Reasoning & Deduction
(iPAD, Android, PC, Board game)

4. TriBond- Auditory Association, Auditory Reception
(Comes as a JR for children and an Adult Version)

5. Impulse Control- PFC, Impulsivity, Visual processing, cognitive ‘switching & flexibility’
(iPAD, Android, PC)

6. Scattergories- PFC, Auditory Reception, Auditory Association, Auditory & Visual Memory
(PC, Board games, JR and Adult)

7. Sound Pairs or (Henry, by Tiger)- Auditory Discrimination, Auditory Memory, Visual Memory
( PC, iPAD, Android, hand held)

8. Logical Journey of the Zoombini’s- PFC, Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
( PC, ages 8+ )

9. Symbol Simon- Visual Discrimination, Reasoning, Switching & Flexibility, Language Processing
( card game- University Games, 8+)

10. Chess, Backgammon, 9 Man Morris, or Quattro- Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Reasoning, Deduction
(PC, iPAD, Android, Board Games)

There are so many AWESOME & FUN games (hundreds and hundreds) that it was hard to ONLY pick 10!!! In my webinar courses that I give I train parents, educators, and therapists on how to use games to retrain the brain. Join me in learning a new way of teaching the basic skills! 925-478-0615


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