Memorization of facts versus a playful use of the knowledge

Memorization of facts versus a playful use of the knowledge

We succeed in school and business when we can memorize enough information to ‘shine’ above the others…however, is that really the most important use of information?

I started a school (many years ago) called Meridian Academy of the Arts, and for 15 years it focused on learning all the academics through; music, dance, drama/puppetry, language, literature and the visual arts. We started this learning adventure by creating a platform of ‘conceptual need’. Even the toddlers wanted to know the answers to these questions; who, what, when, why, where, & how. This was the premise for learning, the tools were the arts and we ended up with a program that taught through love, respect and trust. NO tests…NO grades… the measurement tools for success were productivity, inspiration, and creativity.

I wonder how many more people would succeed in life if they were taught in a small individualized classroom, that focused on teachers giving their trust in the students’ abilities.  This would assure that what they need is HOW to apply the knowledge they have not how to gain more knowledge than someone else within the classroom.

Application WITH memorization can be taught in a most creative way! And what powerful human beings these people are! I know I have witnessed it with my own eyes 🙂


I know your brain is generating a it here :)

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