Our Life as a Sponge…

Our Life as a Sponge...

Do you remember this old adage “brains are like sponges”. We may want to think of our life as a sponge as well. The experiences we have had through-out life can be considered the ‘water’ (or stressors) that we absorb. As a young sponge we can squeeze out much of the water and keep our elasticity however, as life bogs us down with more and more events that add stress to our world we are unable to squeeze all the water out and therefore, we become less ‘flexible’ and more rigid in our thinking. I invite you to remember how flexible you used to be…how easy it was to ‘let it all go’ and know you can have that control and elasticity again. Flexibility and resilience are two attributes that we all should strive for in our life. It allows us to be able to go with the flow, which decreases the ‘effects’ of stress on our system. It also allows us to be tolerant and even appreciative of other people’s ideas and thoughts! Honor thyself…wring out your sponge… 🙂 Don’t know how? Call me 317-258-7444, We can work remotely, so no worries that I am too far away!!


I know your brain is generating a thought...place it here :)

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