Flexible Attention/ Focused Attention

Flexible Attention/ Focused Attention

* Do you get an idea stuck in your head without being able to drop it?
* Are you able to comfortably switch your thinking to change plans at the last minute?
* Is shifting approaches on command a concern for you
* Are you able to pay attention to two things at once
* Do you have issues with paying attention and/or focusing
* Do you have a problem with holding onto several thoughts at one time
* Do you need prompting to get on with things
* Do you have an issue with losing track in the middle of a conversation
* Do you miss important details in tasks

If you see yourself or your child in this category, perhaps it is time for some remediation activities to help take care of this concern?

This is another important area of the Pre-frontal Cortex…and one that can get worse if you are not sleeping well, have been under anesthesia in the past year, have had an illness or just under a lot of additional stress!

Did you know playing the same game with different strategies will help with ‘switching and mental flexibility’! Like ‘solitaire then spider solitaire and then Free Cell’ they are basically the same however the strategies are very different and the mental switching it takes to make that happen leads to more flexibility!
You may also want to look online for the game of moving the cars out of the garage when presented with obstacles…this is another FUN and quick game to work on flexible attention…

Want more ideas?
I am happy to share loads more and for different ages!



5 thoughts on “Flexible Attention/ Focused Attention

  1. susan drais says:

    This happens to me frequently as a result of too many brain injuries from domestic abuse. A concussion is a concussion … and ultimately it ended up with a subdural hematoma. Veterans coming back and football players get this – and so do women, in domestic violence situations. That should be totally illegal.


    • Dr.Lise' says:

      Hi Susan, Yes you are right…head trauma will ALWAYS affect the PFC no matter how the trauma occurred! I hope you are healthy and doing well and I am also hopeful you are surrounded by kind, loving individuals that ONLY support you!!!!


  2. Paul Gardner says:

    Now I feel that I may have some of the above mentioned points


  3. Dr.Lise' says:

    Paul, when we are under a lot of stress or we lack sleep MANY times we can temporarily have some of these concerns…however if this is the ‘norm’ and these are always an issue…let’s try some games to help with these concerns!


  4. Paul Gardner says:

    Yes , I am deprived of sleep many times due to heavy workload, what kind of games ??


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