Problems with Sleeping?

Problems with Sleeping?

Did you know if you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes it is considered a sleep problem? This is because your cortical activity goes straight into the slowest of Delta waves and therefore you are not going through the ‘relaxation’ process of gradually decreasing from an alert Beta state down through to the Delta. A healthy sleeper falls asleep in 5 to 20 minutes of laying down, stays asleep through-out the night (without tossing, turning or grinding teeth) and wakes feeling refreshed!!! How do you sleep?


2 thoughts on “Problems with Sleeping?

  1. Dr.Lise' says:

    The reverse happens to people with ADHD, they close their eyes and their brain wakes up and thinks of everything!! However, when they are awake their brain seems asleep…therefore, a stimulant works for them!!! BUT…Neurofeedback works JUST as well as medication and is a permanent change AND noninvasive!!!!


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