.Auditory Processing isn’t a hearing loss…

.Auditory Processing isn't a hearing loss...

If you have perfect hearing and still have problems understanding fast enough what you just heard…you may have a problem with Auditory Processing. It is a condition that means the brain is unable to interpret the auditory information it is hearing. There several different components to Auditory Processing. It may be Auditory Discrimination- the inability to hear the smallest component of a word (phonemes) or it could be Auditory Sequential Memory- the inability to remember the order of random digits, or Auditory Reception- the inability to maintain enough brain-listening power to understand what is being said for any length of time, or perhaps it is Auditory Association- the inability to retrieve auditory information due to ‘filing it in wrong folders’ in the brain. For more information on Auditory Processing http://www.cognitive-connections.com


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