Violence in Movies

Violence in Movies

If watching a ‘scary movie’ can make our palms sweat and our hearts race (when we logically know we are in our home safe) then think what a child must experience when they do not have the ability to reason through the logic of the situation…


4 thoughts on “Violence in Movies

  1. It is imperative that we as parents, educators, therapist, concerned citizens start to unravel this common misperception. The systems that are set up to serve our children…. child welfare, treatment facilities, schools, churches need to be clear on the overwhelming evidence that shows violent media for our children is not an acceptable option. Some of the systems I work with are still working under old models of scared straight that strongly effects the children they are trying to serve in a negative way… in other situations it seems it is just going along with the Jones…. “mom all my friends have seen that movie” regardless it is time to examine this at the neurological level and really address what is best for the children and families we serve. Lori Kochevar MS LPC … Founder of Brighten the Brain


    • Dr.Lise' says:

      Lori, I so agree! I know there has always been violence in movies, books, storytelling and even cartoons! However, I see a big difference, now these movies are so very realistic and yet portrayed as being a “humorous-sadistic” plot. Then almost like a sugar-coated cereal commercial it is advertised as being a “MUST GO” to our extremely malleable young brains…the ‘dark’ plots of these movies, play on our Limbic system as a visual reward sending neural chemicals that actually are addictive in a way!


  2. Todd says:

    It shows such a profound disconnect in the logic of our (advanced?) society that corporations spend multi-millions on advertising through TV and movies, yet we are lulled into the belief that we can allow our children (and ourselves) to watch violent programming with impunity. My greatest leap in consciousness was undoubtedly facilitated by turning off the news, and beginning to pay attention to what I allow into my brain via programming (there is a term we should be aware of) and movies.

    My son continues to try talking me into allowing him to play violent, realistic first person shooting/war games. He doesn’t understand why I wont bend on this one. And that is OK. Sometimes it is OK to tell our children no… sometimes we have to be content with their discontent toward us for setting these important boundaries as we help guide and shape their precious, powerful minds.


  3. Dr.Lise' says:

    Absolutely Todd, those boundaries are truly very comforting to children (and most adults). You sound like you are doing an awesome job as a Dad! And as it takes a ‘whole village to raise a child’, I for one appreciate your parenting!
    In marketing and media we all know how visual and auditory information can make a spark in the brain that will create a memory forever! Such as…” When E.F. Hutton speaks, ______ ” we all know the next part! Todd, I am also am extremely cautious about what I allow my brain to hear and see, our brains make neural connections on a regular basis and we have choices to live in fear and negativity or positive optimistic ways. We have so many children on antidepressants these days, and I am sure the movie/media creates an environment of a ‘stress-laden adult world’ rather than a ‘playful child-like world’ contributes to this problem!


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