NeuroCognitive Training is the combination of Neurofeedback and Cognitive Rehabilitation for a sharper more efficient brain!


5 thoughts on “Neurofeedback/Biofeedback

  1. Toby Crane says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have been seeing that the neurofeedback in Denver is great and that the these things become more and more important as we look at the details.


    • Dr.Lise' says:

      Hi Toby thanks for letting us know…I do not know of this Center, however, I am pleased to hear people are out there providing good alternatives and options for families!


  2. I am providing neurofeedback for kids. I am interested in more information About neurofeedback and cognitive training. Which software do you use and is there already scientific positive results by kids with ADHD?
    Thanks you.
    Greetings Suzanne vd Star


    • Dr.Lise' says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      I have a certification program that I would be happy to share with you! I am new to WordPress but I will find a way to download the brochure for you to look at. I love that you are interested in this process!


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